Longarm Education Event
April 20 and 21, 2018

All Classes are $50.00 each.  Sign up and pay before April 1 and cost will be $45.00 each

Jane Hauprich from the eastern shore of Maryland will be the HQ educator for our event in April. Jane has been quilting
for 17 years and in 2009 she discovered longarm quilting. Like lots of us, she never looked back. He goal is to equip
each student with as much information and knowledge as possible. Jane will be teaching 4 classes in free motion quilting
. (We will be focusing on the ProStitcher quilting in our Fall Event in October.)

Fast, Fun and Fabulous Free Motion

Quilters everywhere LOVE the excitement and fun of free motion quilting – and it’s easier than you think! Create
flowing designs by connecting simple design elements with continuous lines, traveling across the quilt or filling in a
specific area. Learn how drawing and muscle memory contribute to beautiful free motion quilting, and how to create
stunning designs.

•   How to develop an inventory of free motion designs
•   Proper scaling and spacing of design elements
•   Edge to edge free motion quilting
•   Adjusting your quilting path to create your own new designs
•   Using Micro Handles for free-motion control

Curvy Rulers Ahead

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to drive! You’ll be rounding corners, navigating curves and riding up and down
with this class on curved templates. Learn how to read and use the markings on the templates, and the tricks for
making half circles, flattened circles, and perfectly curved lines. Create beautiful quilting designs using swags, clam
shells, ovals, arcs and half circles.  

•   Use mini-circle, half-circle, and full circle rulers
•   Master wave, arc, and clamshell rulers
•   Measure and fit designs within a border
•   Create curved crosshatching and ruler/background fill combinations
•   Alternate methods with the HQ Pro-Stitcher and Groovy Boards


Begin with a basic design from a stencil, a ruler or template, an applique, a fabric print, a cookie cutter or a
shape you draw yourself. Then, learn to transform that design from basic to spectacular by extending, expanding, and
adding secondary designs, repeats, fills and special effects. Learn marking techniques and tools for applying designs to
quilt tops.

•   How to mark and use stencils as design foundations
•   How to transfer doodles from paper to quilting
•   Enhance a design with fillers and embellishments
•   Use marked grids as a design foundation and road map
•   Draw inspiration from fabric prints

The Simple Path to Straight Line Quilting

he trend of modern quilts, with large areas of “negative space”, has created new interest in straight line quilting and
crosshatching. Both are impressive to behold, but neither is difficult to achieve when you know the tools and tricks.
Come learn the methods involved and how to create amazing geometric designs by quilting simple lines.

•   Straight-line ruler work
•   All about channel locks
•   Crosshatching and curved crosshatching
•   How to use lines effectively in borders
•   Creating  geometric quilting designs
2018 classes
S & B Quilting Studio 1210 E M36  Pinckney, Mi 48169   734-648-0188  sbqs147@gmail.com